Explore the world of trading software, beginning with this tiny simple app that can be very useful in panic situations.

Download now the Wagertool® Cash Out FREE mobile app.

Easy manage your positions in all markets.

Have full control of your bets placed on Betfair website with this useful dashboard.


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We like to call it your personal “panic button”.
Being a great help when you need to quickly cashout all markets at once, or quickly cancel your unmatched bets.

Cash Out

List of all markets with open bets.
Cashout easily and faster.


List of all unmatched bets.
Know where your money is.

100% free mobile app | Place your bets in Betfair website and manage your exposure quickly in Wagertool Cashout app | Cashout all markets at once | Cashout individual markets | Cancel all Unmatched bets at once | Cancel Unmatched bets individually or grouped by market | Cashout Mode: choose if you want to cancel or maintain unmatched bets in the market where you are cashing out | Cashout Buffer: choose how many ticks away shall the cashout bet be placed so that if the market moves against your position you can still cashout successfully the majority of your exposure.

Your personal panic button.

Wagertool® Cash Out mobile app has two main screens:

Cash Out for the list of all markets where you have open bets so that you can cashout either all markets at once or any individual market.

Unmatched for the list of all unmatched bets grouped by market so that you can know where your money is and eventually cancel either all unmatched bets at once or any individual unmatched bet.

In the settings menu you can configure two great features brought from the wagertool® trading software: Cashout Mode and Cashout Buffer.

This way you will have full control of your cashout actions.

Fast. Simple. Intuitive.

Wagertool® Cash Out gives you absolutely the best experience for doing what you do. Powerful trading.

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