Regular Betfair login

Every time you open Wagertool, an update search will be executed. If there is a more recent version, it will be automatically installed, since it may contain important critical safety updates.

The Wagertool login credentials are the same you use at Betfair because Wagertool works as a communication channel between you and Betfair.

When you enable the option 'Remember username', only your username will be saved, because for safety reasons Betfair never allows your password to be remembered, not even in your own computer.


Betfair two-step authentication

If the Betfair two-step authentication is enabled in your Betfair account, insert the Betfair password and the verification code together in the PASSWORD field with no space between them.

To find out more about the Betfair two-step authentication procedure visit: https://en-betfair.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/126/~/two-step-authentication-help.


Connection method

An API (application program interface) is what allows external software like Wagertool to connect with Betfair. The API-NG was released in 2014 and has been tested, improved and bug fixed since then. The ESA API (stream) was released in August 2016 and brought much more speed on market updates than ever before.

Connection to Betfair is much faster with this new ESA API than with the previous API-NG. The market data (odds, available and matched amounts) is immediately received by the wagertool user, with no measurable ping: as soon as there is new information, Betfair automatically sends it, so there’s no need for a user call.

The new ESA API is still under development, so occasionally there may be some unexpected errors. For more stability we recommended the use of API-NG.