PROBLEM: Cannot install the software, it is returning the message that I need the .NET Framework 4.7.2 but the download link says that it is already installed.

SOLUTION: In some windows versions the installer is sending to the download page of the .NET Framework 4.5, while it should be sending to the download page of .NET Framework 4.7.2. Follow this LINK to download the Web installer for the Runtime version and after that is installed, run again the Wagertool® setup.

PROBLEM: The ladder response scroll seems slow, with small jumps instead of a fluid movement.

SOLUTION: wagertool® uses the modern Windows Presentation Foundation graphical platform that requires a medium/high power graphic card in your computer. To have a more responsive performance in a slower computer, reduce the number of open windows (markets) and reduce the number of open ladders (selections).

PROBLEM: The error logger keeps giving me several red errors.

SOLUTION: If the internet connection is slow, or intermittent, the Wagertool® simply cannot connect to Betfair or other service providers (live scores), therefore the logger will return errors each time a connection fails. Try to use a different internet connection, or a different connection method (use LAN instead of Wireless), to check if the errors disappear.

PROBLEM: The software does not open: “Configuration Errors Exception”.

SOLUTION: Sometimes, after an update there are settings features changed that can conflict with some saved settings of a previews version. To solve this: 1st uninstall the software from control panel; 2nd remove the settings folder in C:Users*your_username*AppDataLocalKeepItSoft ; 3rd install the new version.

PROBLEM: The software crashes when I have the ladder open and I open a livestream video from betfair.
SOLUTION: For users of wagertool windows, installing the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool ( may be the solution. Then restart the PC and try to open a livestream video again.