Real time updates

We take performance very seriously, and Wagertool was coded using the latest technologies to be fast and provide you the fastest odds updates and betting orders that you can have.

If you choose to login in the old API-NG:

  • The refresh rates are possible to be edited in the settings, and the ping value for the connection between you and the Betfair servers are always visible on the bottom status bar of each market window.

But if you choose to login in the new super-fast ESA API:

  • There is no ping information because there is no need to call the Betfair to request updates. In the Exchange Stream API (ESA API) Betfair automatically sends the market data (odds, available and matched amounts) to the wagertool user, as soon as there is new information.
  • Specially on fast moving markets (high liquidity) you can see a huge difference on the new ESA API, as the yellow indications of transactions in the ladder view are constantly flashing.