Cashout buffer

If you have defined a cashout buffer in the settings, Wagertool will add (BACK) or subtract (LAY) the buffer value to the best available odd and place the closing bet at the calculated odd.

By placing the closing bet at a less favorable odd, x ticks bellow or above, you are allowing the market to move against you a predefined number of ticks defined in the buffer, during the time it takes for the bet to be placed. (Betfair Live market delay). The closing bet will still be placed and you’ll close your trade, but with less profit if the odd has moved against your market position.

For example:

You have a Back @2.00 and the best available Lay odd is @1.35.

With a 3 ticks buffer activated, by clicking the cashout button Wagertool will place the closing bet within a LAY odd range of 1.38 to 1.41 (+ 3 ticks).

If the market doesn’t move against your position during the time it takes to place the bet, the closing bet will be placed at the best odd available, in this case @1.35.

If the market moves against your position 2 ticks, for example, the Cashout bet will be matched at @1.37, because it was placed @1.38 but it was matched at the best available odd. In this case, you won’t have a perfect market exit, with profit equally divided by all market selections, because the closing stakes were calculated for a 1.35 odd, but you’ll have an efficient closing. You can then place a leveling cashout bet to cover the unbalanced part.